Use “Mobile Context” to Build Better Brand Interactions

Where do mobile consumers like to go? What do they like to buy? Who do they hang out with? In today's mobile-empowered world, where new technologies give consumers the opportunity for more choice and instant gratification than ever, if you don't know your customer's individual preferences and habits, you don't know your customer.

Consumers want brand engagement in context to their usage patterns, and they want it now. Syniverse is leading the way forward in this new age of “mobile context” by bridging the evolving ecosystem where companies and mobile operators are converging. Our solutions empower brands to gather intelligence on customers' characteristics (with customers' explicit opt-in) and optimize their brand experience.

If you weren't able to attend our webinar "Engaging the Connected Traveler with Omni-Channel Communications" on June 25, access a replay here. Expert speakers from Orbitz, WestJet and Syniverse shared unique insights on the key role of mobile in an omni-channel strategy, and discussed how travel and hospitality brands are using mobile intelligence to better engage connected travelers.

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Syniverse and MasterCard Deliver Peace of Mind for Mobile Users


Syniverse has joined forces with MasterCard to bring to market a suite of mobile and payment services that enhance peace of mind for mobile users traveling abroad. Using the power of mobile context, our services provide opt-in functionality that enables card transactions for consumers when they have their mobile devices switched on in a specific location abroad.

The result? Worry and frustration about having their payment cards used without their knowledge or having their transactions unnecessarily declined are reduced big-time.

Together, we make mobile commerce work better.

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We Make Brands Mobile

Syniverse is the critical link in enabling brands to serve customers' new mobile demands.

Future of Brand Engagement

A new world of smart devices and mobile-enabled technologies promises to transform the customer brand experience.