Use “Mobile Context” to Build Customer Loyalty

Where do mobile consumers shop? What do they like to buy? Who are they socializing with? In today's mobile-first world, where new technologies are driving increased choice and requirements for instant gratification, if you're not personalizing your message based on your customer's individual behaviors, preferences and habits, you're going to lose their loyalty and share of wallet.

Consumers want brands to engage with them when they want, how they want and about what they want. That's what mobile context can tell you. Syniverse is leading the way in this new mobile-age by bridging the evolving ecosystem where brands and mobile operators are converging to provide hyper-personalized experiences for their customers. Our solutions empower brands to gather mobile intelligence on their customers (with customers' explicit opt-in) to optimize mobile engagement.

Learn more in a replay of a recent webinar produced by Syniverse and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). Expert speakers from MasterCard and Syniverse discussed use cases on how mobile context can be used to optimize mobile marketing ROI, mitigate fraud and build loyalty with deeper, personalized mobile engagement.

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Syniverse and MasterCard Deliver Peace of Mind for Mobile Users


Syniverse has joined forces with MasterCard to bring to market a suite of mobile and payment services that enhance peace of mind for mobile users traveling abroad. Using the power of mobile context, our services provide opt-in functionality that enables card transactions for consumers when they have their mobile devices switched on in a specific location abroad.

The result? Worry and frustration about having their payment cards used without their knowledge or having their transactions unnecessarily declined are reduced big-time.

Together, we make mobile commerce work better.

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Partnering with MasterCard on Mobile Context

Alastair Hanlon, VP Enterprise & Intelligence Solutions, speaks about mobile context, and our game-changing partnership with MasterCard.

Syniverse Mobile Context

See how brands and mobile service providers can take mobile experiences and engagement to a new level with mobile context enabled by Syniverse.